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Sunday, February 8, 2015

New blog and Commissioned paintings

Welcome to my new Blog "Pittsenbarger Watercolors" I decided to start this new site for all my watercolor paintings and watercolor sketches. I started my other blog Trout Illustrated to specialize in Fish and Fishing related paintings. Since I now primarily paint landscapes and cityscapes I felt a more general name like Pittsenbarger Watercolors would be fitting. (I will still keep the other site for fishing related photography and paintings)  Also as I have more exhibits and enter into art shows I want the site to be associated with my name.

Please note that I have added pages below the blog title for paintings that are available to buy.

Please share the link to this blog with anyone who might be interested.

I currently have a solo art exhibit at Anna Bannanas in the Saint John's Neighborhood in North Portland, it has gone over pretty well and I have had several people inquire about doing commissions for them. The following is the start of a large commission of different St. Johns and NW Portland scenes.  These first 3 are all from Lombard St. in the center of St Johns.

Patties - 11"x 14" 
Private collection

This old school diner looks like its in a time warp from the 50's its got a soda fountain style lunch counter and is mixed with a thrift store... strange but the type of place that makes St. John's so unique.

St. Johns Cinema - 11" x 14" 
Private collection
This is an old discount movie theater we go here a lot in the winter with the boys to watch cheap movies. I usually go here when its raining so I rendered it on a wet day.

Signal Pizza - 11" x 14"
Private collection

This is a vintage gas station that was restored and turned into a pizza joint, have not eaten here but its a great old building. 

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