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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Travel Sketching - Niagara Falls

Here are some sketches from the second half of my east coast trip to beautiful Niagara Falls. My whole family rented a cool old house listed on the National Historic registry located about a 15min walk from the US side of Niagara falls. From what I could tell it was probably the nicest thing in Niagara Falls. While the falls themselves are impressive and provided a lot of good sketching opportunities, the surrounding town was not too nice. The Canadian side of the Falls is a classic tourist trap but was a lot more lively than the American side so we spent quite a bit of time there. 

Niagara Falls (Horse Shoe Falls) from Canada 

American Falls

Horse shoe falls - Canada
 At a view point on the "journey behind the falls" I got a few minutes to pull out my plien air paint kit and do a quick watercolor sketch, this was my favorite sketch of the falls I feel it captures the power of the water, also the mist from the falls aided in the watercolor process 
Inside B&B Niagara Falls
Sunset at JFK
While waiting for our flight to board I did this last sketch of the trip of a  nice sunset reflecting off the planes.

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